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I’m done with this fandom
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My edit of Ryan’s journal entry from 25th June, 2006. 
"On the 2006 Panic Tour, we played the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach. After the show, most of the bands and crew walked a mile to the beach and, having not brought our swimsuits, decided to swim in underwear or totally nude." 
- Greta Salpeter talking about the night in Myrtle Beach, when Brendon apparently lost his virginity. 

Brendon Urie doing his ALS ice bucket challenge on stage in Houston
So I just got back from the Gospel Tour in Houston
  • Brendon: This song
  • Brendon: Is about a girl I fucked
  • Brendon: But I found out
  • Brendon: She was fucking my friends
  • Brendon: I didn't like it
  • Brendon: So I fucked her friends
  • Brendon: And maybe her mom
  • Brendon: So I wrote a song about it
  • Brendon: But I never released her name and I never will
  • Brendon: Anyway so here's Miss Jackson
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My #wcw goes out to my #bestfriend @h_rubasky I’m gonna miss you so much and I wish I could be with you in this difficult time. Love you sooo much!! 😍😭💋💗😘
Finally a home cooked meal. #myfavorites #wine #dinnerwithmommy
Some things never change. 😁😂👯 @katieblockus
"Frozen monkeys?? They’ll probably be delivering pizza’s in the next 2 years. Listen to some real music, like Meatloaf or something."My dad when I introduced Arctic Monkeys to him (via lhomme-ezra)

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